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I activated 30 day free trial and didnt get it.

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Hi, I need help, when I tried Performance Optimizer, I tried to put some programs into sleep and it showed me that I need to buy subscribtion to use it, and It showed me in the left bottom corner "activate 30 day trial for free" (or something like that) so I clicked on it, it brought me to site where I needed to do the payment so I put my card in that and after payment I dont know how to acitvate it or cancel it, so I´am asking for help. 

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I actually had the exact same thing happen to me on 7/10. Finally got a response from support last night. They told me that they couldn't find any registration details with my email address and asked if I had a confirmation number. I responded and let them know I've had the same email address for over a decade, so email address wouldn't be anything else. I also told them that I never got any kind of confirmation email (just like you didn't). Trying to find out if they can find where I submitted payment with something else other than my email address/confirmation number (since we didn't get any confirmation email). Also trying to see if there may have been a simple typo in the email since most my information autofills for me (using firefox).


Going to check back here to see if you get a response quicker than I can... and I'll also post again if/when I hear back on my end. You may have to email them like I did - no idea.

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added additional info about checking for typo email from autofill error
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