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Files are no recovered

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I have tried several times after having problems with file recovery to test freshly deleted files.

I created text, Word, pdf, rtf, and Excel, and copied jpg file to the same folder. Then I deleted all without using recycle bin (shift-delete and used Recuva to restore all to a different drive,

I couldn't open any of the restored files using the default program. After opening all in the Visual Studio binary editor all restored files are NULL. See attached files. I could not include the original jpg file since the size (3,601KB) exceeded the allowable size. However compressed size is only 4 KB which clearly shows that something is wrong because the jpg files are already compressed.

I performed this test several times with the same results. I am using Recuva 1.53.2083 on Windows 10 Pro Build 19041 release 191206-1406.

I also tried the same test on Windows 7 Pro (VMWare) with the same results. One exception was that pdf file was restored. 

I am not sure what to think about it but it seems so far there this application is usless.



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