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Driver Update have some issue.

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Sometimes, I found a newer version of driver that Microsoft Update catalog that above the Driver update version. My current version is and the release date is 21.05.2020 but the Driver Update give the older driver which is and the release date is 11.04.2016. Most likely, the latest versions could be in the Microsoft Update Catalog and some of the driver update is there. Sometimes, Microsoft Update Catalog also is a way to get driver update to the latest version.  Make sure try to look at the manufacture website

Screenshot (8).png

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problem has been happening for some time for me. I have to choose to skip the update when it happens.
Support are less than useless & don’t seem to understand the problem & just point me towards how to block/skip the update.

Windows 11 Pro 22H2. CCleaner Pro. MalwareBytes Pro. Defender. Macrium Reflect Home.

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Guest Andrei CCleaner

Hello @brandonwanhuansheng, sorry to hear about the confusion created by our Driver Updater feature. To better understand why this has happened you can know that CCleaner uses a Microsoft ranking structure for its drivers, I have put a link to an article on their website about how this works below.

So it is likely that the driver being offered has a better rank than the driver installed.

This can be for a number of reasons including the signature score which comes from the developer of the driver so it may be the driver being offered comes from a more trusted source. 

if you could send details of the drivers to our support team via support@ccleaner.com they can investigate this and advise you further.


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