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Speccy not reporting Graphic Card (GPU) Memory Size correctly

Code2 Australia

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Just had a new computer built.

Previously used Speccy on my old computer with a ASUS GT740-2GD3 Video Adapter; being a 2GB graphics card.

The new computer has a GeForce RTX™ 2060 OC 6G v2-0 GPU; being a 6GB graphic card.

On my new computer, Speccy is showing the below memory size, which doesn't appear to be correct.

Physical Memory    2047 MB
Virtual Memory    2048 MB

However, the Nvidia Control Panel's System Information is show 6144 MB (6GB) as it should.

Is this a bug in Speccy or something else?

Screenshot 2022-09-27 131741.png

Screenshot 2022-09-27 131830.png

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Guest johnccleaner

This appears to be an incorrect detection, and is something our development team is aware of and investigating.

I'll be happy to let them know that this occurred for you, however, and provide the Nvidia report that you sent along as well.

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