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If I move the installation location I can't update it. Can this be fixed?

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Normally it installs on C drive.  I want it on D drive organized the way I like.  But when I do this it doesn't update, probably because its looking to update a location on C drive.  So can this be fixed?  I found the update .exe program and moved it to D drive but it doesn't work.  Can I fix this and have it work on D drive?  Having everything on C drive is very short sighted.  If we have to reinstall the operating system its a lot more work reinstalling all those programs instead of having them on a different partition or drive.  Also moving almost all my programs off C drive frees up a lot of space.  We want our best performing drive to be C and best performance is usually the highest price/storage amount.  So its often a battle to trim down the size of C drive. 

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Unfortunately, at this time, CCleaner Browser is designed only to be used from the main system drive (C:). 

I understand your concerns, though (I have a fairly small C: drive in my personal desktop for price/performance reasons, and often install other programs on other drives), so I'll be happy to bring them to our development team to consider further.

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I can move it but to update it requires more care.  Or a reinstall. 

Don't know if settings/bookmarks would be lost on a reinstall on D drive but I think more and more people are realizing that its a little ridiculous to depend on any browser for our bookmarks.  They're just too important.  They need to be browser independent.  I've been trying a text based format with HTML capability and its nice in that I can make notes much more freely than in a browser's bookmark program.  I can also add colours and group them much faster as well.  The key is to use expanding and collapsing bullet type organization in your text program.  If it could be activated with the up/down/left/right arrow keys that would be ideal.  But very few programs allow for that.  Not sure if any text programs allow it to be used.  Its a very fluid way of navigation.  TreeSize uses this and it works well though when it collapses it sends you to the top which is poorly designed.  But otherwise its great.  I think XP's Windows Explorer also used this but it didn't work in Win7.  A bookmark system that works like a File Manager is very good as well but you can't hyperlink the name of a folder.  Boo!  So you have to open that folder to click on the hyperlink in text format. 

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