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Got new version 2.2 and it doesn't seem to keep stuff I want


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The old version had a place where you could specify cookies you wanted to keep, etc so wouldn't log you off.

First when updated to new system why didn't it copy the stuff I wanted to keep to new system.

It actually doesn't seem to work  after searching for place I entered a couple of sites I wanted to stay logged on.  Run new version and I don't get to keep that stuff and I get logged off.  It may clean but it doesn't work as it used to. 

It it worthless now.  I only ran cccleaner because I could keep some stuff now it doesn't keep stuff or I have no idea how to get it to. 

I'd love to get my money back and go back to old version of ccleaner  - is there a way to go back or get this to work today?


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Guest MeganCCleaner

Hi @MaineJon Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to export/import the cookie settings from the previous version of the app into the new one, which is why they were not automatically copied over. I can however understand the importance of being able to do so and I'll send this feedback to our product team for further review. 

Additionally, I was unable to replicate the issue you described because after adding various entries to the "Allowed websites" area of CCleaner and performing a clean, my login sessions are retained, therefore the corresponding website cookies are not being deleted.

Our support team would like to investigate this further, and they can refund your purchase if it is no longer wanted.

Do they have permission to contact you via email, using the same address that is registered to your forums account?

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First they have permission to contact me  although I don't have a lot of time to deal with this at the moment.  I have re-installed the old version from a backup and it works for me fine at the moment.  In general you need instructions on how to use the new system and what you did in old you now do this way.

Some thoughts - if you can't copy the cookie settings you should warn people so they can copy save etc. before installing the new.   Also, and I'm not a website cookie expert,  sometimes the cookie name doesn't match the website name - site is ABC.com but cookies name represent the parent company of ABC.  I don't know if telling you ABC.com mean that any cookie created by ABC will be saved.  I suspect not which is why things aren't working for me.

The old method was so much easier and clearer.  I saw on the left the cookies and the ones I wanted I just moved to the right side by selecting and using the arrow.  Then I could figure out what cookies were create by a site and move them.  Again, I don't know if telling you site ABC.COM will have you move all cookies create by that site but from the results I"m seeing it seems to not do that.

Again, running the old system works fine for me now until I'm sure the new one will be as easy and do what I need to do.


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