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  1. The start up time issue seems to have been resolved with 11.1 but cleaner still crashes on the cleaning step about 1/3 of the time. Restarting it mostly works the second time but sometimes requires a third try. The screen shots have been previously published. It also still lists the wrong MACOS version.
  2. I installed 11.1 today on my mac and it now loads quickly as it used to do. It was taking minutes for me to get it to load but seems to back to what it used to me. I'd try updating to the latest released yesterday and see if it helps you folks.
  3. I'm running it on big sur - there are some issues - same as on catalina for me but it does work
  4. Is a new version even being worked on. I have problems others have described such as taking minutes to start and the cleaning failing 25% of the time - others have posted screen dumps of problems? I bought the paid version because the free hadn't been updated forever and hoped fixes would be made. Are these issues being worked on?
  5. I have the same issue, occasionally, with MAXOS Catalina - which isn't a beta version but the latest production version.
  6. I have this same issue - maybe not 5 minutes but certainly a bunch. Used to be fine but starting around MacOS Catalina - it takes forever to launch and then when you click on Analyze or Clean it also takes a bunch of minutes to run. I actually updated to Professional since the "Free" version hadn't been updated in year and thought whatever was causing this would be fixed in Professional version. Any idea of what happening and way to fix
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