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Browser is closed, Ccleaner reports it was cleaned


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Without opening ccleaner browser, I began receiving the notification that it was cleaned. Then, an hour or so later, another notification, repeat ad nauseum. So, I looked in the tasks and it showed ccleaner browser as if it were open, along with the crash handler. So, I shut down those processes. Of course, it happened again after the next reboot. So, using ccleaner and the startup options, I found that in Windows Services, ccleaner browser was listed, as elevation_service.exe, update.exe /svc and /medsvc. So, I disabled those three things, along with the update.exe /c and installresource scheduler in Scheduled tasks, and that took care of the issue.

The reason I am writing is that it seems crazy that ccleaner itself causes problems with its own browser and has no place to fix it. It's annoying to be reminded hundreds of times a day that a browser that isn't open has been cleaned. Of course, I did see that if I do open it and leave it open, I did NOT get that message, but hey, that's just using computer resources unnecessarily.

I was really considering purchasing the pro version, but it seems that between the update tool issues, and this, it's not really worth it.

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Guest johnccleaner

This is actually working as expected - when CCleaner Browser isn't 'open' (in the sense of having a browser window open), it still leaves a very small portion - this then runs a task to check for updates periodically (I believe this is indeed intended to run once and hour).

When that task completes, CCleaner 'sees' the system event that a CCleaner Browser process has closed, which then prompts a cleaning event, as that's the trigger for these cleaning events.

As such, both programs are doing exactly what they're supposed to. 

You can control this behavior in CCleaner's Options > Smart Cleaning; you could set it to clean this browser without notifications, or even to not monitor this browser at all (if you want to rely on manual cleaning and/or CCleaner Browser's own tools).

More information on the Smart Cleaning function here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015058012 and information on cleaning CCleaner Browser within the software here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028862611


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