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  1. I'm flabbergasted as to why YOU didn't simply do that.
  2. Without opening ccleaner browser, I began receiving the notification that it was cleaned. Then, an hour or so later, another notification, repeat ad nauseum. So, I looked in the tasks and it showed ccleaner browser as if it were open, along with the crash handler. So, I shut down those processes. Of course, it happened again after the next reboot. So, using ccleaner and the startup options, I found that in Windows Services, ccleaner browser was listed, as elevation_service.exe, update.exe /svc and /medsvc. So, I disabled those three things, along with the update.exe /c and installresource scheduler in Scheduled tasks, and that took care of the issue. The reason I am writing is that it seems crazy that ccleaner itself causes problems with its own browser and has no place to fix it. It's annoying to be reminded hundreds of times a day that a browser that isn't open has been cleaned. Of course, I did see that if I do open it and leave it open, I did NOT get that message, but hey, that's just using computer resources unnecessarily. I was really considering purchasing the pro version, but it seems that between the update tool issues, and this, it's not really worth it.
  3. You sure are recommending a LOT of time spent fixing problems that ccleaner is making. While that is easy to do (recommend system restore, rebooting, reinstalling etc.), when ccleaner itself should have a way to fix the problems it causes. Also, the explanation should be better. In the driver updater, it looks like many updates ccleaner recommends are NOT recommended by the computer manufacturer - so who is correct? How, and why, does ccleaner find and recommend updates that neither the manufacturer nor Intel recommends? That should be also in the explanation when updating. You could even have "essential" updates, "useful" updates, "recommended" updates, and "updates that don't do much." That way, users will understand what's going on much better, and then also be able to explain better to ccleaner when something goes wrong.
  4. But that's not the only issue. I used Intel's driver checker, HP's driver checker, and both say I need no drivers. But, using ccleaner (and AVG) driver updaters, they both say I need 17 drivers. One of the drivers is a sound driver for a monitor (Samsung) that has no speakers. This all looks confusing to me, so I'd like any kind of comments that can explains these anomalies.
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