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Driver Updates Required per CCleaner: Not per PC


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CCleaner indicates that I have 17 drivers to update.  However, a scan from Lenovo on my specific machine indicates my drivers are up to date.

I'm willing to rescan and provided documentation if desired, but I am inclined to believe Lenovo.


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  • Admin

This is expected and normal behavior; computer manufacturers have drivers lists sorted or filtered by models of computers, and essentially, those show what drivers they have verified for the model in question.

Our software searches instead for the device in question (e.g. Intel UHD Graphics 620) for the latest driver we have in our database from the manufacturer of that device. 

As such, if the manufacturer of the device has released a new driver, it's entirely possible that it'd be in our system, but if the manufacturer of your computer hasn't tested that driver yet, it wouldn't be in their system yet.

Since the driver is still, in the end, from the manufacturer of that piece of hardware, it should still be fine for your system, but you are welcome to use the result that you feel is best suited for your needs.

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  • Admin

Quite welcome, and I'm glad that I could help clear this up. :)

I neglected to enter it in my previous message, but I was going to make the comparison to Android cell phones - since updates have to go through the carrier (though Google is slowly trying to work around this paradigm), it's entirely possible and indeed quite common for phones to be entirely capable of supporting a newer version of Android than is made available to them, simply because the carrier hasn't taken the time to make a build of that version available for phones of that model that they support. Same sort of thing with manufacturer-provided drivers for computers - the specifics are different, but same general idea anyway. Hope that helps make things clearer as well!

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