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Analysis Complete

Details of files to be deleted

  • Edge Chromium - Internet Cache
  • Edge Chromium - Cookies 
  • Edge Chromium - Internet History   <= highlighted line (forum tools do not include text background color)
  • Edge Chromium - Session
  • Edge Chromium - Saved Passwords
  • Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files
  • Windows Explorer - Recent Documents
  • Windows Explorer - Thumbnail Cache
  • System - Temporary Files
  • System - Windows Log Files

Say you select and click Internet History for details
You return back to summary view, line item remains highlighted
If you position mouse/cursor anywhere outside the list area and click, the item should be deselected and the highlight disappear. This is common form functionality and if the summary/detail lists are active forms, they should behave as such.

Just an opinion.

- peace,

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  • Admin

I believe that this behavior is in place so that you can go from one part of the software to another (say to the Tools section) and back, returning to the exact same spot that you left off at.

I'll be happy to get this feedback to our UXD team, though, so we can look it over further.

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