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  1. Too bad the /DEBUG parm wasn't explained in release notes, might have been able to catch the quirk sooner. I have not experienced any duplicates since upgrading, maybe on next update? There is more than 1 log file. There is a lil.log along with a CCleaner64_v5.79.8704_DATE-TIME.log I will leave the debug parameter set and PM you when duplicates appear again. It appears this thread has reached it's MAX attachment capacity
  2. I assume that logging is in reference to this thread? Where's the log? It's location is not defined in release notes, it doesn't appear in options section. I inquire because I have not had any duplicate references or other anomalies since I last replied until today when I upgraded to 5.79.8704 (64-bit) After upgrading, I decline the CCbrowser and tick the run CCleaner box. This is what I'm presented with: no rules! (IMG #1) Close CCleaner, ReOpen CCleaner and the rules are back with duplicates! (IMG #2) I would have uploaded the debugger log file but I have no idea how/
  3. Didn't notice the duplicate tree rules list. I just opened CCleaner and I see that both WINDOWS and APPLICATIONS rules lists are duplicated. See attached screen capture. No. When I click on / open CCleaner from desktop icon / link the window presented is clear/blank only the left tree is displayed, after clicking the Analyze button, the list is presented. As mentioned in OP, duplicate references occur intermittently. Home screen = Custom Clean; see attached screen capture NOTE: CCleaner has been updated to 5.78.8558 (64-bit) No. There are no custom or saved .I
  4. Analysis Complete Details of files to be deleted Edge Chromium - Internet Cache Edge Chromium - Cookies Edge Chromium - Internet History <= highlighted line (forum tools do not include text background color) Edge Chromium - Session Edge Chromium - Saved Passwords Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files Windows Explorer - Recent Documents Windows Explorer - Thumbnail Cache System - Temporary Files System - Windows Log Files Say you select and click Internet History for details You return back to summary view, line
  5. Not every scan but occasionally duplicate line references; please see attached screen capture. Windows 10 Home Version: 20H2
  6. Allowed CCleaner to update again. The displayed version as referenced above was not correct, the actual "new version" is 5.77.8448
  7. Recently updated CCleaner from update popup; as always. I do not remember previous version number that last update replaced. Use a few times daily. Getting nag screen about updating from to same version. 64bit OS: Windows 10 Home Version 20H2 OS build 19042.804 Browser: Microsoft [Chromium] Edge Version 88.0.705.74 (Official build) (64-bit)
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