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SPAM from CCleaner

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Now it's tightening up, CCleaner.

We PAY for our pro licenses and have 155 PAID days left.

Still, your software has been like a pinball game for some time with lots of advertising - or rather SPAM.

This is neither acceptable nor serious when we pay for the service and have half the time left.

Stop, otherwise many of us will abandon CCleaner.

In some cases, even the pop-up box can not be closed and yesterday's advertising caused script errors.


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  • Admin

This sounds like the behavior of the Free software - which could indicate that you haven't registered the software with your purchased license? You can check that in Options > About within CCleaner.

You may also want to make sure the entries in the attached whitelist.txt file are in your Options > Cookies > Cookies to Keep list, as these small cookies are what CCleaner uses to 'remember' when you were last shown notifications. We do show even our paid users promotions and sales that might be relevant to them so that they can take advantage of those sales, too, but it's not our intent to do so excessively.

(For reference, these entries are: 
The .txt is provided simply so that you can import it to the Cookies to Keep list, via right-clicking on it > Import.)

If you continue having problems, I would recommend emailing our support team at support@ccleaner.com so that we can look into the matter in more depth for you.


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