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Recuva Deep Scan Results Missing


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After about 20 hours of running Deep Scan, I received results as far back as 2003. I reviewed the entire  list, then, not thinking clearly, I exited the list assuming that I would be asked if I wanted to save the results. This did not happen and I cannot find any sign of the results in my hard drive. Do I have to do another deep scan?  Time is critical here as I must find important documents within two days. Any help would be very much appreciated . At 80 years of age, I don't always pick up on hints and suggestions which might be obvious to others.

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If by 'Exited the list' you mean closed the program, yes, you will have to do a rerun. If you mean that you have, for example, typed a search word in the File/Path box, then clearing that should restore the original list. Scan results are held in memory to avoid overwriting data, so when the program closes the results are gone. If your storage device is an SSD then post back here first.

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