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Wear Leveller Worst Case Erases Count


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Hi, new user here.

I just downloaded pro version of CCleaner and ran Defraggler against my main external drive,

It came up with this.  Should I be concerned?  What does it mean?


Wear Leveller Worst Case Erases Count    309,243,936,768


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Guest johnccleaner

Based off this discussion: https://superuser.com/questions/1037644/samsung-ssd-wear-leveling-count-meaning it seems like that may not actually be the relevant info for that parameter; that would be the 'real value', correct? The discussion seems to suggest that you should instead be looking at the 'current' column, as that should be where the drive processes that value into a percentage of its expected lifespan remaining (based on that parameter).

If so, then if it's over, say, 30-40%, then you're probably fine. :) If not, if it's below that, then I would look into replacing the drive and cloning the data onto a new drive, even though there might still be some time left on the clock. (I'm a little paranoid about data loss, y'see. :)

Interestingly, though, that parameter is not present on the Samsung SSD I have (admittedly it's a bit of an older one, though) - the closest is just 'wear leveling count'. I also don't see it listed here: https://www.ntfs.com/disk-monitor-smart-attributes.htm or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T. - I wonder if that's something Samsung just introduced or only introduced in, say, a single model or a small number of models before dropping again? Just speculation on my part, but it does make it a bit less straight forward to offer advice on. Would you be kind enough to let us know the ID of this parameter as well?

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