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Accessing Recovered Files


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Guest johnccleaner

Can you clarify a bit? Do you mean that nothing shows up in the Browse for Folder window after you click recover? If so, take a look here: 

 as I just addressed that for another of our users. :)

If you are able to successfully select a folder, but no files are placed there, then that would, unfortunately, indicate that the files have been overwritten so thoroughly that there's nothing to recover and, as such, there's no way to recover these files with Recuva. In a case like that, it would not create any files for these files, so if all of the files are in those state, there would correctly be no files in the destination folder.

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Yes, it all depends on what the OP means. In my experience if Recuva can list a file then it can - in general - recover it. Exceptions (that I can think of) are if the file is zero bytes in length, or the cluster addresses are invalid, or it's a live file that's locked for some reason. In each case there should be an error message. If the recovery is from an SSD then the files can be recovered, but will contain zeroes, which might be what the OP means.

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