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Ccleaner 5.67 not resetting default download folders

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For Chrome and Opera (and so possibly for other Chromium based browsers) since v5.67 Ccleaner is not resetting download folders to my defaults.

I have the Chrome and Opera default download folders settings saved (in Chrome and Opera respectively) as D:\BrowserDownloads\Chrome and D:\BrowserDownloads\Opera. But I often modify the download locations 'on the fly' so as to save individual files directly elsewhere. Previously (in 5.66 for example) Ccleaner correctly reset the these to the my saved defaults. This no longer happens with 5.67 (they are just left wherever I last saved to).

The same issue arose several years ago and I reported it then (and it was quickly fixed). I can't refer you back to the old thread as it seems that it is no longer on the current forum.

If I revert back to 5.66 (just by reinstalling 5.66, otherwise leaving all settings the same) all works fine again.

Other info

Windows 10 1909
Using CCleaner Custom Clean
Window Defender AV / Comodo FW
Chrome and Opera NOT Sync'd (don't even have accounts with them)



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