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  1. For Chrome and Opera (and so possibly for other Chromium based browsers) since v5.67 Ccleaner is not resetting download folders to my defaults. I have the Chrome and Opera default download folders settings saved (in Chrome and Opera respectively) as D:\BrowserDownloads\Chrome and D:\BrowserDownloads\Opera. But I often modify the download locations 'on the fly' so as to save individual files directly elsewhere. Previously (in 5.66 for example) Ccleaner correctly reset the these to the my saved defaults. This no longer happens with 5.67 (they are just left wherever I last saved to). Th
  2. Many thanks for the update. A couple of pertinent points: I have read through the Avast blog. It states "we released a fixed version 5.33.6163, identical to 5.33.6162 but with the backdoor removed, and pushed this version as a lightweight automatic update to CCleaner users where it was possible, further reducing the number of impacted customers. We notified the remaining users to upgrade to the latest version of the product as soon as possible (unfortunately, we weren’t able to update the free CCleaner users automatically as the free version doesn’t contain the auto-update functionalit
  3. I have added a bit more information to my thread at: https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=48859
  4. I've been able to recreate the environment that gave rise to the unexpected 5.33.3163 version of Ccleaner and revisited virustotal. The hash is SHA-256 c48b9db429e5f0284481b4611bb5b69fb6d5f9ce0d23dcc4e4bf63d97b883fb2 In the recreated environment, Avast Emergency Update ran just at the point that 5.33.3163 got installed. This may or may not be relevant. I also have the pertinent ccleaner.exe (securely encrypted to avoid any mishaps).
  5. How does this all tie in with a "spurious" version of Ccleaner being installed automatically on 15-Sep-17??? See this thread for more info:https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=48859
  6. I suspect it is tied in with this (CCleaner compromised to deliver malware): https://www.computing.co.uk/ctg/news/3017497/avasts-ccleaner-compromised-to-deliver-malware-to-unsuspecting-users-in-august-and-september-warns-cisco-talos
  7. Sorry, I didn't keep a link or the file hash and I no longer have the file on my system. Haveing looked on virustotal, there doesn't seem to be an ability to search by file name Can I ask what you were hoping to get from seeing the results? As I said, no issues were found.
  8. I have 2 PCs (desktop and lappie), both running Win7 32 bit, with Chrome. Both had Ccleaner (free) installed (5.33.3162) and automatic checking for updates turned off. Yesterday both machines suddenly and without any warning got updated to 5.33.3163. I quickly noticed this because my shortcuts to Ccleaner (on Quick Launch bar) lost their Ccleaner icons and stopped working. Being concerned I uploaded the updated 5.33.3163 Ccleaner.exe to virustotal.com (no issues found). I also checked the Ccleaner version history ( https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/version-history ) - no mention of
  9. Thanks for the reply. I rarely use IE myself, but sometimes Chrome does not do the job and have to revert to IE. However, by way of further information, the Ccleaner issue arises even when IE has not been used (since last run of Control Panel > Internet Options, Delete). Now, it may be that something else is "sharing" the same capabilities (History) as IE (Thunderbird?) or it may be that issue with using Cleaner arises regardless (of whether there is any IE History to clean).
  10. Seems this issue has still not been addressed. Just upgraded to latest (5.33.6162) and problem still occurs, so have had to leave Internet Explorer - History unchecked. Does anyone have any update on this issue at all? Please note what I said in earlier posting "But what is interesting (to me at least) is if I use Control Panel, Internet Options, Delete.... to delete IE History, that zooms straight through it - so why can't Ccleaner?"
  11. My experience (for what it's worth) on Win7 32 bit (and I mostly use Chrome, rarely use IE, but do use Thunderbird): Using Ccleaner 5.20 - runs fine. Update to 5.24 (and subsequently to 5.26), Ccleaner stalls for quite a while while cleaning IE History, but eventually completes. Note that IE not running (most of the time it won't have been launched since boot). If I uncheck History under Internet Explorer, Ccleaner zooms along fine. But what is interesting (to me at least) is if I use Control Panel, Internet Options, Delete.... to delete IE History, that zooms straight through
  12. Have just installed latest version (3.06.1433) and see that some Chrome items are not being cleaned. Previously (2 versions back, in 3.04.1389), Speed Dial info (in Chrome's Top Sites file), Chrome's History file and Chrome's DNS cache (as evidenced in the dns_prefetching section of Chrome's Preferences file) were not being cleared. As workarounds, I created a batch file that ran Ccleaner with /auto and then deleted both Top Sites and History files. Only way I could address the DNS cache issue was to turn Chrome's DNS pre-fetching feature off and on a couple of times and then leave it off
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