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Crashes on analyze

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I just started getting the same error on my external hard drive a couple of days ago. Windows defrag works fine, and I've used defraggler on the drive before with no issues. I've tried running it as administrator, and I even formatted the drive just to be on the safe side, but defraggler still crashes.

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Similar problem.  Newly created partition "swap (E:)" to receive pagefile.sys which was fragmenting and not becoming defragged on reboot.



Screenshot 2020-07-02 14.44.33.png

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- To be able to defrag a file (with Defraggler) that has a size of X you need a contiguous free space of - at least - the same size X. And that's not the case on your system with the E: drive. No wonder Defraggler won't (completely) defrag the pagefile. The best it can do is to decrease the fragmentation.

- A defragmented pagefile will indeed increase the performance of your system


- Try this:

    - Turn  off the pagefile and (temporarily) move all other files to another drive.

    - Format the E: drive (again).

    - Turn on the pagefile, choose a size for the pagefile that's (a little) smaller than the size of the E: drive. Hopefully the pagefile won't be fragmented.

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