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Sanity-checking existing files

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Like many data recovery tools, Recuva focuses on deleted and lost files - but there's also a need to recover existing files in certain contexts, where two things will help:

1)  Hide deleted files

Just as you can show only deleted while hiding existing, the reverse is useful; show only existing, not deleted (or lost), to de-clutter the view.

2)  Sanity-check existing files

This is harder work, but would be useful; just as deleted files are rated on quality (e.g. whether overwritten or not), so one could check integrity of existing files...

2.1)  Cross-links

2.2)  Correct header bytes for known-content types, similar to how lost files are detected

It can be very helpful to see a report like...

X files of total Y bytes
    X files of Y bytes (%) cross-linked
    X files of Y bytes (%) type-invalid

...to assess e.g. whether re-calculated partitions and file system alignment etc. are correct or not.

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