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  1. Like many data recovery tools, Recuva focuses on deleted and lost files - but there's also a need to recover existing files in certain contexts, where two things will help: 1) Hide deleted files Just as you can show only deleted while hiding existing, the reverse is useful; show only existing, not deleted (or lost), to de-clutter the view. 2) Sanity-check existing files This is harder work, but would be useful; just as deleted files are rated on quality (e.g. whether overwritten or not), so one could check integrity of existing files... 2.1) Cross-links 2.2) C
  2. Posted as a separate topic (as it is), but typing in here; one reason we'd want to revert from Advanced to Simple is to get rid of the right-hand pane that is added after Advanced. Also, in the context of checking existing rather than deleted files; need option to show only existing, i.e. hide deleted, and alert on quality (cross-link overwrites, etc.).
  3. Recuva has an option to choose Advanced, but no way back to Simple - and no way to close unwanted right pane, as needed to maximize horizontal space for long filespecs etc. I understand if once "Advanced", can't go back to "Simple" as settings differ - but that should not force the right-hand preview pane without a way to turn that off (resizing down partially is not enough)
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