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CPU temp not shown


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check if there is a BIOS update for that motherboard.

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Just like the other reports in this thread I have the same problem.

I imagine a number of other Speccy Users also have this issue. I will create a bug report to go with this post.

When you are watching overall PC temperatures then the CPU and Motherboard temps are quite important measurements.

To help with more info I installed Speedfan which can read PC temps and it showed my CPU as 128 degC (un-rounded value is 127.5) which I did not believe so starting the PC up new on the next day I checked Speedfan and the CPU temp was still 128 degC. This seems to indicate a reading problem.

The same reading problem may be true for Speccy.

As other people have this same problem with Speccy and CPU + Motherboard temps then it is not likely to be a hardware issue in my PC but more likely as previously surmised it has come about from a Windows update.

It would be really nice if this were fixed in Speccy but maybe it works fine in most cases and these are just isolated incidents.

I use Speccy v1.32.740 (64 bit). Please let me know if this version works fine for you. Thanks.

Updated: I searched for another product to read CPU temperatures just for my piece of mind that there was no hardware issue and was happy to see there was no hardware problem. Image added showing results from "Real Temp".

Speccy with no CPU or MB temps.JPG

Speedfan readings at pc startup.JPG

Real Temp CPU.JPG

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Ryzen-2600, мать Gigabyte B450 AORUS, температура процессора показывает 80-90 ... градусов! Не в биосе, не в райзен мастере, не в автобернер MSI нет таких температур! Экстрим тоже нормальная температура 34-36 градусов. на другой мамке x 470 тоже гиговской точно так же. видеокарта с 6 гб памяти показывает 2047 мб! удруга на r9-280x с 3 гб показывает именно 3 гб! стресс тест айда прошел максимум 59 градусов!1748570142_4.PNG.0974c8312b55663b0ee73e6888f0beda.PNG422975541_3.PNG.d3e38d759fe186addb1f468710f01506.PNG1666051718_2.thumb.PNG.d84eee35736ed9e5eb8d3b449d28cc47.PNG

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I have the same issue with no CPU temperature showing on Speccy now that I updated my system.

I am using the Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite motherboard with AMD 3600x CPU. I have updated to the latest full release bios F10 and still nothing showing only for the CPU all the other temps seem to show.

Is there going to be an update coming out to address this issue?

Thanks for your time.

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Though I'm quite late to the party, I've recently found myself experiencing the same issue, with no clue whatsoever about what caused it. But I managed to fix it by going to Speccy's installation location and enabled the "Run this program as an Administrator" option from the Speccy executable.

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Came here to note this is an issue for me too.

Just upgraded PC and did a fresh install, and:

  • can't see CPU temp
  • no RAM details
  • incorrect memory reading on video card (it's 6GB not 2GB)

I'm on a Ryzen 5 3600 with a GTX 1660 super, so this seems to be a problem for all newer hardware.


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My desktop, which has the latest version of Windows 10, seems to work fine, with Speccy reporting temps for Motherboard, CPU, GPU and all my storage drives (SSD and HDD), but I recently got a new Dell XPS 17 laptop and there are no temps at all shown in Speccy.   The laptop has WIndows 11 Home, i9 processor, Nvidia Geoforce 3060, 1 T M2 SSSD.   All of these have reported temps when I used another hardware monitoring software…….I guess Pirifom just needs to update their Speccy app?   Has anyone found a solution for this issue?

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I had sent this issue in an email to the developers and they asked me to send them a screen shot of HWiNFO which successfully shows CPU temps and GPU temps, hard drive temps, and memory temps……….and the answer that came from the developers was that they have no solution for now…..and they recommend I use HWinfo.   

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Just an update ,,, new computer with 12 gen intel ... doesn't show cpu temp.

I deinstalled and installed hwinfo which allows you to show CPU temp on task bar.   

Like Speccy better but HWINFO is a good alternative as developers are letting this program lapse.   

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