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HDD wrongly recognized as SSD

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I have some elder HDDs that I want to sell on eBay. One of them is an external CnMemory HDD (USB 2.0) - internally a Hitachi HDS721010KLA330 working internally. My main Win 10 drive is a Samsung SSD EVO 500GB. I want to wipe the external drives before sending them out. Thus, I tried to select a more secure (multi-pass) wipe algorithm. This is not possible. CC Cleaner tells me that my Hitachi drive is an SDD drive, too! This isn't the case!

And, yes, I selected the correct (Hitachi) drive - not my SSD drive within CC :-)

Can I do anything to let CC recognize the HDD correctly?

Many TX in advance!


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This is a long, long running bug in the program.

no official word on any sort of resolution.

Weirdly, the issue for me at least tends to come and go depending on the version so you could try a few older versions and see if you get lucky.

old versions available from Filehippo.

or just do an old fashioned low level format on that drive. :)

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Hi mta!

Many thanx for your reply! It's good to know not to hope for a quick fix. Wiping complete disks doesn't belong to my daily business. Anyway, I will not buy/renew any products from software development companies not being able to fix long broken features! Meanwhile, there are hundreds of other providers to chose from. Luckily, I only installed the 30 days test drive of CC. I'm just going to de-install it right now. Bye bye Pirisoft, another paying customer lost...


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