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  1. Hi mta! Many thanx for your reply! It's good to know not to hope for a quick fix. Wiping complete disks doesn't belong to my daily business. Anyway, I will not buy/renew any products from software development companies not being able to fix long broken features! Meanwhile, there are hundreds of other providers to chose from. Luckily, I only installed the 30 days test drive of CC. I'm just going to de-install it right now. Bye bye Pirisoft, another paying customer lost...
  2. I have some elder HDDs that I want to sell on eBay. One of them is an external CnMemory HDD (USB 2.0) - internally a Hitachi HDS721010KLA330 working internally. My main Win 10 drive is a Samsung SSD EVO 500GB. I want to wipe the external drives before sending them out. Thus, I tried to select a more secure (multi-pass) wipe algorithm. This is not possible. CC Cleaner tells me that my Hitachi drive is an SDD drive, too! This isn't the case! And, yes, I selected the correct (Hitachi) drive - not my SSD drive within CC :-) Can I do anything to let CC recognize the HDD correctly? Many TX in advance!
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