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SSD plus Optane optimizer


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HI guys, i just buy a new laptop which includes an 16GB Optane Memory. The original HDD was a 1TB HDD but i replaced it with an SSD that i bougth a few months a go for another computer. The thing is that when I try to optimize the SSD the option dosen´t show, instead it appears the Defrag option. Apparently when the Optane memory is enabled Defraggler detects that I have an HDD instaed of an SSD. Is there any solution I can put on to fix this?

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no solution I'm afraid, not if DF is wrongly detection the SSD as a HDD.
it's a long-standing, known, unresolved issue with DF and CC.

I have a batch file of maintenance tasks, to optimise a SSD, I use this; defrag %systemdrive% /L /V

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