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permenently erase deleted files


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On 12/12/2017 at 13:05, witchseeking8 said:

Does anyone know how i can permently erase files from hard drive that were deleted from recycle bin. I ran recuva and do not need these files anymore. Please help

One way to obscure the files is to format a drive then heavily encrypt it.

Some use Hillary's method to wipe a drive.


Another method is evidence eliminator (traditional hard drives only). Even the FBI has trouble recovering much from that method. Even electron microscopes have loads of trouble.


Now with SSD's. you need to write all ONES (not zeroes) to every part of a drive.

Got that info from an SSD maker.


And you have to do it a whopping FOUR TIMES too.


If you have trouble securing sensitive info you want to delete, then encrypt the data first, THEN dispose of it.

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