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Move Large Files to End of Drive

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I have a lot of large archives files and since I do not access these files frequently I am trying to move those files fo end of drive.
When I search for large files and move each file from resulting list individually everything is ok
But when I check several files and select "Move Checked to End of Drive" strange thing happens - instead of placing files at the end of disk the files get spread across a free space with a huge gaps between them. If after such "spreading" of files I try to move every one of them individually they move to end of drive without any problem.
I tried this several times on different computers - the result is always the same...
Is there anything that can be done about this problem?



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- Yes, DF still has a number of bugs. As a daily user of DF I have come across these bugs and reported them. And moving files "flawlessly" to the end of the drive is not "one of the strong points" of DF. I can't prove anything but I do get the impression that somehow Windows itself interferes with the program. Or perhaps some other program/Service interferes with Defraggler.

- I could imagine that after a socalled "Clean boot" of Windows Defraggler would do its job(s) much better. Because then Windows is started with only the most essential Windows Services and programs. Perhaps then DF works much better ?

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I would agree with you about clean boot in most cases.
Unfortunately in this particular case it does not help.
I tried clean install of Windows - only drivers and Defraggler - no effect.
But if in "dirty" Windows with a lot of software installed and running I try to move files one by one - it works fine.
In my opinion Defraggler just makes incorrect decision about where to put files - instead of placing second file right after first one, it creates a gap large enough for all the selected files - looks like miscalculation of some sort.

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- Agree. Even when I manually move files to the end of the drive (which works much better) then DF sometimes has its own thoughts on where to place the files.

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