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Why does SSD still show major fragmentation after Defraggler has optimized the SSD?


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After Defraggler's optimization of SSD drive on desktop PC, Defraggler still shows 3,910 Fragmented Files (35.1 GB), 29,098 Total Fragments, and 16% Fragmentation.  Can anyone explain why this is?  Does it mean that optimization of the SSD is not working properly.  Should I also "Defrag" the drive?  Your response is appreciated!  Larry_K

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you cannot think of SSD's and defragging together any more.

they simply aren't related now.


mechanical drives have blocks and sectors that store data that can get fragmented.

SSD's have pages and cells, they don't need to be, nor get benefit from, being contiguous.

SSD's have access times that negate any fragmentation of files.


It's a hard habit to break, but defragging a SSD is just not necessary.

TRIM is all they need, and if you want to take it further, setting aside 10% or so, what's called Over Provisioning, will help the wear levelling algorithm do its thing.

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Because an Optimise isn't a defrag. An Optimise issues a global TRIM, and the fragmentation figures will be the same before and after the Opt. If everything were perfect then you should never need to run an Optimise, as TRIM runs automatically on file deletion. But everything isn't perfect, so an Optimise could be run every few months or so. And everything that Mta said as well.

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