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Veritas Hyper-V Backup fails with CCleaner Agent installed

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Hi there,

I have a good one here.

HOST with Hyper-V installed. (Does not matter Server 2008R2, 2012 or 2012R2)

Several Virtual machines running on the HOST. CCleaner cloud Agent is installed on HOST and virtual machines.

The VM backups always where successful before installing Cleaner Cloud. No problems at all.

After the installation the VM backup fails with the Veritas error message Final error: 0x1e - The system cannot read from specific device.

We spend some time with Veritas support but no direct errors could be found.

When I disable the CCleaner Service and run the backups no Issue at all.


Question for the developers of CCleaner - Do you have any idea how to fix this?



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Hi there :)


I've responded to your support email as it's much easier for us to help you there.




yes, but it would not help someone else with the same Problem! I got this problem too...

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Hi shurik. and welcome to the forum.


Just in case it was missed I'll point the devs to your post.


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