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Can Recuva help recover lost partitions on HDD?

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Hi I recently put in a second internal HDD (along with my current HDD)  in my computer and it  is saying that it needed to be formatted to open. I have files already on the drive that I am trying to access, so i do not want to reformat the drive.  I was wondering if Recuva can recover those files, Or is it just for drives that are in good working condition?

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Recuva needs a drive letter and to be able to open  the partition. It recovers at the file level. The only software I have (limited) experience dealing with at the partition level, and seems foolproof, is Partition Magic. Google will get you there.

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Some other good programs with the ability to recover partitions ...


EaseUs Partition Recovery: (Free version)


MiniTool Partition Wizard 9.1: (Free version)


TestDisk: (Free) ...


TestDisk step by step to recover a missing partition:


I'm by no means an expert with this stuff, but have used them with some success, so may be able to help if you get stuck.


Hope that helps.


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