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CC ver 524


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I just installed the 524.5841 64 bit and notice it too might be a little "slow" with the Internet Explorer. Has anyone else tried and found any "problems" with the Internet Explorer history as there were with the 523?


It even mentioned "skipped" once when trying to check IE  (IE wasn't open).

It still seems to be slow checking (and removing) the Internet Explorer history.  (Compared to earlier versions, prior to 523.) 522 was okay.

I'm  reloading 522 again (same as I did when 523 was slow).


Are there "problems" with 524 also?


Thank you.

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Hi Alice,


no need to double post.

your original query here; https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=47300&hl= will be answered if some member has something new to say.

and of course the Devs would have read it already.


plus you put this in the wrong thread. :)

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