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Is it normal for a 37% defrag of a 2TB drive to take full 48 hours to complete?


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2TB drive, defragmentation level was at 37%. Free space was 308GB.


It took almost exactly two days, 48 hours of non-stop defragmenting for Defraggler to complete the task. Its display is informative as far as how many files are left to defragment and current state of defragmentation but time left was inaccurate, and it reached 1 minute point left more than 24 hours before actually finishing.

Why do programmers don't think it necessary to inform us using words like 'finished' or terms like 'completed successfully' when the program finishes the task. Most or all defrag programs do not inform you they are finished using words 'finished' or 'completed'.


After half a day or a day or more of activity, I find this to be a fatal user interface flaw, leaving you confused if the task was completed or was somehow interrupted.

It does appear that two days Defraggler took is way too long for a drive that has 308GB of free space...
What is your opinion?

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2 days does seem long, and there are a few threads covering DF generally taking a long time but...


308GB free space is only 15% of the drive.

37% is 740GB's to defrag.

if the 2TB drive is external, then there would be further speed issues to consider.


but, yes, if 2 days was the norm, you'd have to weigh up the time taken against the benefits.

a better option may be to only select the files most fragmented, and the fragmented files of the greatest size and just defrag those two lists.

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