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  1. Conversely, if they get hacked (again), can hackers rush out an "emergency" hacked version too?
  2. What is the purpose of giving us the option to disable automatic updates at installation.... if you nevertheless inserted CCleaner exes into the Windows Task Scheduler itself to permanently run ! We are not complaining that you did so - but that you did not give us the *option* - just the option - to UNCHECK this at installation time and opt out of it. We have to come here, start threads, and only then be told that you did this and how you did it and how to disable it. An option, just an option at installation would keep *everyone* happy because they would have a *choice*. No matt
  3. As of the latest version 5.36 - even if you UNCHECK Auto Updating at installation - as soon as it is installed, CCUpdate.exe phones home and tries to phone home permanently after that. Why is any component, including CCUpdate.exe of CCleaner running at startup if Monitoring has been turned off? Is this a bug? Or is using Firewalls to hardblock CCleaner now the only way to intercept phone home / update checks?
  4. Well see that's why it's important to clarify that. CCleaner.exe is infected and Ccleaner64.exe is not. Why does 64-Bit version even install CCleaner.exe if it is not used at all on 64-Bit systems which use Ccleaner64.exe instead? If CCleaner.exe is never launched there there is no infection. But why is Ccleaner.exe even there on 64-Bit systems, what is its purpose, if it's never launched by the Desktop shortcut which clearly points to Ccleaner64.exe?
  5. Thank you. You know I don't know where you are getting that 64_bit system shortcuts are pointing to the non-64-bit exe, but can you investigate this and see if other people's shortcuts also point to 64-bit exe because if they do like on my system, you should probably put that front and center that 64-Bit system users have nothing to worry about. I am just a little concerned about the statement "ccleaner.exe which hands it off to ccleaner64" - can you please confirm that launching CCleaner64.exe does not *ever in any way* launch CCleaner.exe. In other words the infection on 64-Bit syste
  6. I clearly see my Desktop shortcut pointing to the 64-bit exe but rather than going into why my desktop shortcut is pointing to it, instead of as you say, the non-64 bit .exe - would you please instead just take a look at these attached shortcut screenshots and confirm that there is a 100% certainty that running the shortcuts in the screenshots below and those shortcuts only, would *not* have activated the infection in any way?
  7. Thank you. And now the most important clarification question: Even though both CCleaner64.exe and CCleaner.exe are installed on 64-Bt systems. if only the CCleaner desktop shortcut was used, which always points to CCleaner64.exe, then that would mean that CCleaner.exe was never run, therefore really the only systems affected are 32-Bit ONLY systems since it's highly unlikely that someone would go out of their way and actually manually run Ccleaner.exe instead of CCleaner64.exe on a 64-Bit system. Is that correct? Because then most of us on 64-Bit systems have nothing to worry about then, e
  8. 2TB drive, defragmentation level was at 37%. Free space was 308GB. It took almost exactly two days, 48 hours of non-stop defragmenting for Defraggler to complete the task. Its display is informative as far as how many files are left to defragment and current state of defragmentation but time left was inaccurate, and it reached 1 minute point left more than 24 hours before actually finishing. Why do programmers don't think it necessary to inform us using words like 'finished' or terms like 'completed successfully' when the program finishes the task. Most or all defrag programs do not inf
  9. Version 5 cements the new unwanted features as defaults: Version 5 registers itself to run at Windows start up. So a program many people use primarily to clean cache etc. on demand is inserting itself to run at startup BY DEFAULT. Version 5 informs you that it is now PERMANENTLY running by default - MONITORING your computer... This is not what most users want. We don't want CCleaner running permanently, by default. It's so much easier to just install version 4.17 and never upgrade.
  10. There is an unanswered question: Does the program _still_ try to register itself to permanently run at Windows Startup on clean installs, like it tried to starting with version 4.18? I never understood why people don't simply unsubscribe to non-rule breaking threads that annoy them? Users don't care for monitoring being on by default at install and they want it to be opt-in. Many do not have an account here to express that opinion because they'll just bend and go through options on each and every machine they install CCleaner in the future. If the program still tries to insert itself a
  11. Because there is nothing personal about this, I am inclined to agree that a lot has been done to make the program seem to work like it used to in version 4.17. I am curious if the program still tries to register itself to run at windows startup on clean installs? It tried to in 4.18 upgrade but not in 4.19. I think it's important to clarify what this is about. The program had options to disable monitoring in version 4.18. Those options did not work as we found out the hard way. So options are still there but and hopefully they now work, this should have been mentioned as fixed in release n
  12. I suppose the focus is less on inner workings, and more on motive of making Monitoring default. I mean, do the majority of people really want CCleaner running permanently? If not, than what is the motive in making it mandatory as default? I think that's the question here that was fueled by our inability to disable it initially and the confusion about reg hacks being required to disable it.... and people posting that the developers were not 100% clear on what exactly the monitoring does, what information does it collect, just lack of Release Notes fully detailing its function. If
  13. I admit that I have not searched if this has changed but I do remember reading multiple posts about how there were no clear Release Notes on the new Monitoring features (!) It was said that the developers "should" post clear description of just what it is that Monitoring does and how.... The notion that they released this entire new feature Which *registered itself* to run at Windows Startup (!) without explaining the very purpose of monitoring -- this was a big Red Flag. So let's start from the beginning: What exactly does Monitoring do and how does it do it? What information doe
  14. Version 4.19 finally fixes the problem of CCleaner staying in the Task Bar even if you launch CCleaner with a shortcut which has an /AUTO string at the end, which finally today terminates the program after it executes its main cleaning function. I didn't even want to look at the other Monitoring feature until the taskbar bug was fixed. So let me just say there is *a lot* of suspicion about CClenaer after version 4.18, a lot of false rumors and the developers should be aware about them. • What is the Monitoring feature? What does it do exactly? • Can it be totally and completely
  15. I'll take this one. 1. Yes!! Absolutely. There is NO difference between WIndows 7 and Windows 8 user interface thanks to Classic Shell freeware which simply gives us Metro as an option which activates as a Shift+Click on the Windows 8 Start Button, rather than having Metro jammed down our throats as default: Proof: http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php/750333-Downgrading-Samsung-Ativ-book-9-lite?p=7732667&viewfull=1#post7732667 2. Yes! Both figured out how to install Office 2003 alongside Office 2013 and Installed an add-in custom Ribbon using freeware. Proof: http://ww
  16. Build 4844 Exit works, but after executing /AUTO - it stays in Taskbar as pictured in post above yours. It should close and exit.
  17. Windows 8.0, here it is, stuck after running "...:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe" /AUTO
  18. Both versions get stuck in the Task Bar when /AUTO command is used to automatically start then clean then close CCleaner. This has not been fixed. The entire point of the program is supposed to be to free up resources. Now i's inserting itself into the Windows Start Up (!), it's setup to constantly be running by default (!) - this defeats the purpose of the program for most people.
  19. New version also buggy. Also stays in the Task Bar. Ccleaner is definitley also aggressively repeatedly trying to insert itself into WIndows Startup. Good thing thing there are intercept programs to prevent it from doing so. We now have multiple buggy releases so it's clear that staying with v4.17, disabling updates and not updating is the way to go.
  20. Why is this feature ON by default? If it was a _choice_ to turn ON, all these problems would have been avoided, people would use it at their own risk. Making this feature OFF by default and optional to turn ON would be the best thing to do as soon as possible.
  21. Not pulling version 4.18 is a the reason for this warning. This means future problems are likely to be treated the same, so why update, unless absolutely necessary for a specific reason? Up to know, updating was OK because the program was always stable. v4.18 problems were obvious and obvious quickly - this makes us question how much testing was done prior to taking this build out of Beta. Obviously not much. So no more updates for a while.
  22. Ccleaner is one of the most useful programs and one of the best in its class. Just released v4.18 introduces a very buggy mandatory Monitoring feature. It is ON by default, not as a feature which can be turned ON optionally. It is difficult to impossible to disable on some systems. Most annoyingly, it stays in the Task Bar even if you launch CCleaner with a shortcut which has an /AUTO string at the end, which should terminate the program after it executes its main cleaning function, but it doesn't - even after you adjust options... The fact that a buggy version has been out for a few days
  23. First major mess up ever. This version needs to be pulled immediately and a new one released with a fix. How could this not be noticed by Beta testers, it's obvious on first use, the icon remains in Task Bar. In addition to the Task Bar Bug, any monitoring options should have be DISABLED by default. It's nice to have options and have it in the program but it shouldn't have been ON by deafult. This thread topic, however is the reason to issue a new version A.S.A.P.
  24. Thank you. As I understand it: After you Options > Advanced > CHECK: Save all settings to INI file The settings will be saved in file: C:\Program Files\CCleaner\ccleaner.ini Backup ccleaner.ini to a different folder then copy/paste it back, overwriting the existing ccleaner.ini file to restore the settings the program had at the time ccleaner.ini was created.
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