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disk health warning


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- Because the values of SMART attributes (plural) of your HD have reached such a dangerous level that the data stored on your HD are running the risk of getting lost. Your HD is (in the 1st stages of) failing.


System setup: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/gcNzIPEjEb0B2khOOBVCHPc


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your drive may last 1 more week, or another year.

so your backups (you know, the ones you do regularly, right ^_^ ) become even more critical knowing your drive may fail sooner rather than later.

but even without the fore-warning of your SMART values (which personally I take with a grain of salt), drives die at the drop of a hat.

Backup now & backup often.
It's your digital life - protect it with a backup.
Three things are certain; Birth, Death and loss of data. You control the last.

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