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Defraggler old versions faster than new versions


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One thing I just recently noticed is that there was one defraggler topic where it said defraggler 2.03 was 3-5 times slower than 2.02 to exact this one https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=32064 that makes me suspect that the developers are unintentionally making defraggler slower and slower because they say they improve it even though it gets slower and slower per update they're not doing this on purpose it's an accident because they say they're improving it and it unintentionally gets slower and slower it also makes me wonder do they even read their own source code do they use mingw or Visual C to compile and do they use -O3 because that's the fastest compiler option

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Hi calthax, and welcome to the forum.


The devs would have to respond to answer that, but I will say that if you personally find that an older version works better for you, then I would suggest using that version.


Lots of folk do that with software, including myself, you just have to be careful about using old software which may carry security risks, which an old version of Defraggler wouldn't.


Hope that helps.  :)

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