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CCleaner Cloud - Connection Problems

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normally I don't have any problems using CCleaner Cloud.


Today I recognized an yellow warning icon at the CCleaner Cloud icon in the system tray.

When I move the mouse pointer over the CCleaner Cloud icon, the status is "Connecting..." (for 20 minutes now).

My internet connection is available and very stable.


When I log into the CCleaner Cloud website, my computer is shown as "Offline".

But on the main page of CCleaner Cloud (https://www.ccleanercloud.com/computers#main) I see in the events that I have logged in.

This is a bit wired, because when I am "Offline" why can CCleaner Cloud track my log in time?


I have started my computer 5 times but this did not help.

Is this a problem with the servers?





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I too am having connection problems. When I attempt to update my Ccleaner from ver.5.30.6063 to ver.5.30.6065 I see a message saying a new version is being downloaded, but nothing happens. After a short time, it says "Ox2efd a connection with the server could not be established". I have tried to get it to work many times but it always fails, so looks like I'm stuck with ver 6063.

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Is your version of CCleaner the pay for version?


Is the pay for version an annual charge?  I have always used the free one and was thinking of upgrading to the pay for version. 



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