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  1. I know that Paint.net can update itself, all applications that are found by CCleaner Software Updater on my system can update themselves: KeePass VirtualBox TeamViewer Skype Although these apps are able to update themselves, they are detected by the CCleaner Software Updater. So in my opinion all apps from FileHippo should be detected by CCleaner Software Updater.
  2. I had a quick look at FileHippo (I checked only some apps) and found the following apps there: Google Chrome FreeCommander XE 2015 (I have FreeCommander XE 2019) TeamSpeak Client 64-bit MailWasher paint.net FreeFileSync But none of them is listed in the Software Updater (all of them are listed in the Uninstall)
  3. Today I updated CCleaner to 5.61.7392 but here still only 4 applications are detected by the Software Updater. In the list Uninstall (also in CCleaner) there are 127 entries. I know many of them are system apps, but there are about 50 apps that should be detected by CCleander. So is the Software Updater neglected? Or is it dead even right after birth?
  4. Hello Piriform, in CCleaner you have the Software Updater, that tells me what updates are available on my system. When that feature was new, there were only some apps on my system detected. But now (several months and several updates later) there is still only a very small number of apps detected. If that feature should be successful (and if that feature should be an argument to buy CCleaner Pro) then you have to support at least 500 apps. It would be OK to see that there is a new version available and users have to download and install the update manually. But in the current state this feature is totally useless. I see a huge potential in this feature but you have to add more apps! Best regards OLLI
  5. If the Software Updater uses only the data from FileHippo then many products that I have installed are not detected and updated. On my PC CCleander found 8 applications and VulnDetect found 66 products. So will there be other resources or just FileHippo?
  6. Hello, I saw that the new version of CCleaner has the Software Updater. At the moment only 8 applications are detected on my system but I know that the number will be growing. But I would like to know if new apps (that are added to the list of supported applications) require a new version of CCleaner or if CCleaner can download the definitions from the servers? So do I have to wait one month (new version of CCleaner) or are they available in CCleander at once after they are released? Best regards OLLI
  7. Hello, I am used to download CCleaner Portable from https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/portable But this is currently not working. Regards OLLI
  8. Hello, I suggested in this thread that CCleaner Cloud checks my systems for out-dated applications and warns me. This is very important because otherwise my system is highly vulnerable. Now Secunia PSI (a tool that checks if any installed and outdated apps have a known vulnerablility) will end his service. So I wrote that this is one more argument that CCleaner Cloud also checks for outdated applications: It is enough when CCleaner Cloud reports that updates are available. The threat level may come in a later version. OLLI
  9. Hello, I read that the Secunia PSI will no longer be available from April 20, 2018. This tool informed me about the risk (threat-level) of my outdated software. Here is the official forum posting: https://secuniaresearch.flexerasoftware.com/community/forum/thread/show/16037/psi_end_of_life So this is your chance to fill up this lack of an usable update manager! Is very frustrating when I write many (hopefully good) ideas in this posting and never got any reply from an official. Maybe I get an answer now. Best regards OLLI
  10. I created a support ticked 18 months ago and did get a non-satisfying answer. I decided to stop using CCleaner Cloud because: it does not have one very important feature, the Update Manager that keeps my system and installed apps up-to-date I posted many suggestions here in the forums but never get a reply from a Piriform employee (in a support ticket they wrote "we all read them" but getting no feedback is annoying) Answers from support tickets are also not really satisfying... I have to administrate in my family 6 computers and 4 Android smartphones. I will come back to CCleaner Cloud when you implement the update manager, when you offer an Android App (so I also can start CCleaner on Android via the web browser) and when you allow to execute applications on the target machine (start the virus scan remote via a command line). At the moment I am doing this via TeamViewer (I also suggested that you implement screen sharing and remote control, but executing applications would be a good start). Of cause I will get a Pro account where I pay a yearly fee when these features are implemented. But after I did not get any reply for the "Update manager" for nearly 30 months now, I doubt that this will be implemented. Regards OLLI
  11. The current vulnerabilities in processors (Spectre and Meltdown) show how vulnerable our systems are. All security experts say, that it is very important that users keep their system up to date (installed applications and hardware drivers). This is especially important for the web browsers. So it would be really cool when CCleaner Cloud helps me keeping my installed applications and also my drivers up to date. It also would be cool when CCleaner Cloud would inform me about BIOS updates (but this could be complicate).
  12. Hello orion7_11, thank you for this post. It is very interesting to see how Ninite Pro (https://ninite.com/pro) manages apps via the browser. Here Piriform can learn a lot for CCleaner Cloud. Ninite only supports some apps (about 50). I am preferring SUMo (http://www.kcsoftwares.com/?sumo) that supports more than 90.000 apps. And SUMo really works best (although it has not the best UI), I keep testing some update managers and SUMo really works best. I really would love to have such a feature in CCleaner Cloud (would be a reason to buy it). But I fear that Piriform will not implement this feature. After a re-install of Windows I did not install CCleaner Cloud yet. There are not many benefits in comparison to CCleaner Desktop (although I have 3 computers) so it is not worth buying it. Meantime I removed my computer from CCleaner Cloud after a re-install of Windows. But with the Update Manager feature I will definitely buy a 3 computer license! OLLI
  13. I was talking about CCleaner Cloud, not the normal CCleaner. Maybe wrong forum?
  14. Hello, the actual Trends Report from Avast shows that the majority of "most-used applications" is not up to date: http://files.avast.com/files/marketing/materials/pctrendsreportjan2017.pdf Many of these applications (like Java, Flash, Shockwave) are abused by criminals. This shows how important an "Update Manager" is. Avast has an built in Update Manager (http://www.avg.com/us-en/avg-pctuneup#updates). The "Kaspersky Software Updater" is now out of beta (https://www.kaspersky.com/free-software-updater). And Piriform offers nothing (yet). Regards OLLI
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