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Drive Wiper - Wipe Single Files/Folders in CCleaner Cloud

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in CCleaner Cloud I miss a feature to wipe (securely delete) single files and single folders.

I know there are other tools on the market that perform this, but in CCleaner Cloud you offer the wipe feature already, so please extend it to single files and folders.


Let me add single files and folders that I want to delete to a list and then execute the deletion of all files on the list with one click.

This way I can add multiple files and folders to the list and then start the wipe.


It would be a feature that makes CCleaner Cloud more powerful and a consequent step in the evolution of CCleaner Cloud.


Note: this feature is also missing in CCleaner (Desktop) so I added this suggestion also to the CCleaner Forums here:






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in my suggestion for CCleaner Desktop I wrote how files and folders should be added to the list of files/folders that should be deleted.

I add this information here too.


I think of two possible ways of adding files and folders:

  1. drag files and folders from a file manager to CCleaner Cloud (browser window)
  2. a button that opens a "select files/folder" dialog

In both cases the selected files/folders are added to a "deletion" list.

When I click the "Wipe" button the files/folders from this list are secure deleted on my PC.


Hope these details help.





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