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File List does not add up to reported fragmented file space


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My Defraggler drive status report says that there are 277 fragmented files totaling 10.9GB in 887 fragments.  When I look at the File List I see 277 files but they don't add up to 10.9GB.  The file sizes in the File List average about 300KB.  10.9GB divided by 277 is over 36MB per file.  There are no huge fragmented files, the largest fragmented file is 1.9MB.  Something isn't adding up here.


I have been defragging my drive "manually" by selecting files in the file list and then having Defraggler rejoin the selected files.  Periodically after as I do this, I analyze the drive.  I am not seeing the 10.9GB decrease in the Drive Report.  Anyone know why this is?

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The answer to my question is that the drive report includes files that are fragmented but are excluded from the analysis.  I have excluded the "C:/System Volume Information" folder because it cannot be defragged.  The fragmented content of this folder still shows up in the statistics.

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I agree that the displayed stats are indeed gross numbers. In my view they are misleading. The "allowed to be fragmented" files are known so a before and and after condition would be more helpful, I have to go into the file list to just verify that fragmentation was successful. It always is, but bragging about the actual value of the program (before/after) would be my wish.

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