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v2.20.989 - Painfully Slow


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Hello, this is my first time on forum, not sure if doing correctly.  But here goes, I see several people with same issue of the defrag. taking very long to run.  I ran mine all day yesterday, and left on last night for 7 hrs, still was running, in fact started over and said will take another day.  Gosh this is really slow. Please let me know if there is a fix for it now, or are they still working on it.  Thank you.

I have v.2.21.993.  I am using windows 10.



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Hello Piriform team,


                           I am posting into this thread because I too am having the same issues as stated above, I just reinstalled defraggler onto my windows 10 machine (just updated a month ago from 8) and it is running terribly slow, even when I use the file list and try them individually. If I should be posting elsewhere I apologize. Still I am running two new 2tb drives and one is 24% fragmented. They benchmark at 94mbps in defraggler yet they utilize barely any of my computers resources when I try to defrag the drives. It barely even peaks at 2% drive utilization every 20 seconds. Is there still a problem with the software or am I missing something.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thanks for any info,


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Windows 10 Anniversary and subsequent updates have been installed on my two laptops. Both laptops are booting very slow, takes 10-15 minutes before laptops can be used in a normal way. 100% HDD activity during the boot process. Tried Defraggler if this would help to speed up boot process. Defraggler not used for some time and installed latest version  2.21.993. HDD 320GB installed in both laptops. Defraggler running on both laptops for two full days, day and night. Little or no progress, 5-7% completed. Speed of reading files avg 15 sec per one file.


Useless program.


Using std Windows Defrag program, and performs well.

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