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  1. Windows 10 Anniversary and subsequent updates have been installed on my two laptops. Both laptops are booting very slow, takes 10-15 minutes before laptops can be used in a normal way. 100% HDD activity during the boot process. Tried Defraggler if this would help to speed up boot process. Defraggler not used for some time and installed latest version 2.21.993. HDD 320GB installed in both laptops. Defraggler running on both laptops for two full days, day and night. Little or no progress, 5-7% completed. Speed of reading files avg 15 sec per one file. Useless program. Using std Windows Defrag program, and performs well.
  2. Installed latest version of CC 3.13.1600. Running Tools > Startup shows more entries than in previous CC version. Under column 'Key' new are IE Extension and IE Helper entries. However under columns Program and File sometimes nothing is displayed for these new entries. I am also using program 'autoruns' (recommended, but do know what you are doing), but some new entries in CC cannot be found with 'autoruns'. Some new CC startup entries which I had disabled earlier in 'autoruns' show enabled in CC. Further checking showed these entries (programs) are indeed disabled. Also 'autoruns' shows much more startup entries than CC. I know that 'autoruns' displays startup entries under different tabs. Do I overlook something or is this all a bug in CC or will startup in CC be further expanded in furure?
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