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Request to prune the Router Statistics.


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Hello There!


Please refer to the enclosed Statistics of my D-Link Router, & help suggest if the disproportionately higher "Data Transmission Rate" has anything to do with a tentative presence of any kind of Malware on my machine?


Why are we able to observe this Great Contrast for the Data Transmission rates (Sent & Received) across 2 different categories of LAN & Internet?


Iam quite diligent with my System scans, & keep my Security Softwares up-to-date!


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware(Free edition) & Super Anti-Spyware(Free Edition) are always kept up-to-date, & Iam quite committed towards running a Full-System scan every once in 2 days.


Please help decipher the Mystery behind this disproportionately  higher Tx. rates for the LAN Traffic category.


Iam using Win8--64 Bit edition on a measly 2Mbps of ADSL Internet Connection.


Thank you. :-)


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