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Is this a virus?


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 About a month or so ago, I had some virus problems. Went to the avast forums and got some great help.

But I noticed something weird happening at the same time that has since not gone away


After running ccleaner, internet explorer will always have files to delete. The longer I wait, the more files from Internet explorer CCleaner will find to delete.
This is a problem because I don't use internet explorer at all. I use google chrome. And even if I use no browser for a few minutes, ccleaner will find files to delete....the longer I wait, the the large the amount of files.

A little while ago I ran CCleaner after not running it for a couple weeks. It found 400,000kb files on Chrome. It found nearly 3 MILLION in internet explorer. 

I've recently ran exhaustive avast antivirus boot scans and malwarebytes yet the problem still remains.

Is this a virus or am I just not understanding something?

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give some versions, like, your OS, IE, Chrome?

can you supply a screenshot of these files or list some as it may help.

but it sounds like your PC is not as clean as your current scans suggest.


if your see Rule 10 here; http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showannouncement=15&f=4 you'll be able to investigate further.

Backup now & backup often.
It's your digital life - protect it with a backup.
Three things are certain; Birth, Death and loss of data. You control the last.

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