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  1. About a month or so ago, I had some virus problems. Went to the avast forums and got some great help. But I noticed something weird happening at the same time that has since not gone away After running ccleaner, internet explorer will always have files to delete. The longer I wait, the more files from Internet explorer CCleaner will find to delete. This is a problem because I don't use internet explorer at all. I use google chrome. And even if I use no browser for a few minutes, ccleaner will find files to delete....the longer I wait, the the large the amount of files. A little while ago I ran CCleaner after not running it for a couple weeks. It found 400,000kb files on Chrome. It found nearly 3 MILLION in internet explorer. I've recently ran exhaustive avast antivirus boot scans and malwarebytes yet the problem still remains. Is this a virus or am I just not understanding something?
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