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CCleaner Uninstall and Startup Information


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Please add the following to Speccy, to enable more comprehensive documentation of a PC.


- CCleaner Uninstall, save to Text file

- CCleaner Startup, save to Text file, ALL Startup tabs.



Also some suggestions for CCleaner, change the default names for Save to Text files, and prefix names with date, eg.


yyyymmdd install.txt

yyyymmdd startup windows.txt

yyyymmdd startup ie.txt

yyyymmdd startup firefox.txt

yyyymmdd startup chrome.txt

yyyymmdd startup tasks.txt

yyyymmdd startup context.txt

yyyymmdd registry.txt


Prefix text file names with current date, could be a user selected Option.


Would also be great if CCleaner had a command line option to clean all Old System Restore points.


Regards, John

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