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[ASK] CCleaner Analysis and Cleaning

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when i analysis using CCleaner v4.06 i got 579 MB to be removed.


then i run CCleaner and i got 765 MB removed



1. what happen? when analysis i got 500 MB then after cleaning i got 700 MB removed.

2. im use Avast! Antivirus 9. why i still got file Utilities - Avast! Antivirus 6 & 8 ? I already update version 8 to 9 so never use version 6

3. im use Do no remember history in Firefox but why i still got Firefox - Internet Cache too? if im using Do no remember history, i think its mean i never have any cache after using Firefox

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1) 200MB additional was removed from the Recycle Bin for some reason - either you deleted some stuff, or just not everything was detected the first time

2) They likely use the same paths and get picked up as older versions.

3) Do not remember history doesn't track history - cache is different from history.

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1] could it be related to the 2 'older than 24 hours' options.

2] doesn't this also happen for other software, adode, avg, office to name a few from memory? isn't it traced to a registry entry not removed properly when updating to the new versions?

3] to have Firefox not remember anything, I think you need to be in private browsing mode.

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