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Portable CCleaner corrupts Windows settings on my System Drive C:\

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I unzipped Portable CCleaner v.

to a FAT32 format Flash Drive at F:\CCleaner-402\

I ran CCleaner64.exe and Analyzed and Saved to Text in new folder that I specified - F:\CCleaner-402\Text\.

I closed this instance of CCleaner64.exe


I launched a previous instance of CCleaner v.

which was located at E:\Test\CC\V6\

and previously Saved to Text in E:\Test\CC\V6\Text\

That setting was now corrupted - it NOW defaulted to the location F:\CCleaner-402\Text\

I closed this instance of CCleaner64.exe


I safely removed Flash Drive F:\

I launched E:\Test\CC\V6\CCleaner64.exe and it now had a new default

I could not save to the missing F:\CCleaner-402\Text\

It had forgotten its previous default of E:\Test\CC\V6\Text\

and reverted to a different default of E:\Test\CC\V6\.


CCleaner.ini only holds

UpdateKey=06/05/2013 04:39:05 PM

CCleaner makes no attempt to save the "Save to Text" destination within CCleaner.ini,

Instead it uses some mysterious Windows resource which alters the operation of other instances of CCleaner,

and presumably the Portable version would also change the settings of a normally installed version of CCleaner.


Please advise, is this recognised as a Bug that should be fixed,

or is it permissible to make permanent changes to the settings of other applications by temporary use of a Flash Drive "Portable" application?




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