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Portable CCleaner appears to use the Registry

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Version 4 uses CCleaner.ini like version 3, EXCEPTING for the File Finder Search.


I observe that it makes no difference to CCleaner.ini when I modify the File Finder "Match By" checkboxes

(i.e. Name, Size, and Modified Date),

and yet I can close CCleaner and when I re-open the checkbox settings have been remembered.

My best guess is that those three checkboxes are remembered in the registry.





After closing CCleaner I double clicked the INI and it was opened by Notepad.exe and there was no change to previous contents.


I have since then created a Bootable Ubuntu Flash drive and YUMI closed all instances of Windows Explorer whilst erasing the Flash drive.

Then I returned to try something else with CCleaner,

but when I Launched Windows Explorer and again selected CCleaner.ini and opened with notepad,

I found that in my absence relevant additions have appeared in this CCleaner.ini :unsure:


Windows 7 is messing me about because I am looking at Linux :o




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