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Live Mail rules for multiple accounts

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I am running Live Mail with three POP accounts. The default (1) is from a domain email service, another (2) is from my ISP, and the third (3) is identical to the default except that the email address is 'spoofed' so that I can use another domain name (it might be best to ignore this account for the moment).


My problem is that incoming email does not arrive at the relevant inbox. Whilst it appears to be random, I'm sure there are some criteria for where the incoming mail goes. So email addressed to account 1 might appear in account 3's inbox, etc. When I innocently reply to email it appears to have been sent from the wrong account, which is a bind. I know I can select the sending account, but I'm not perfect.


I have tried to set up rules to move incoming mail to the correct inbox based on the to email name. Unfortunately the inboxes are greyed out so I can't move to there.


Is there any way to do this?


I could setup a new folder under each account and call it Inboxa, for instance, and move the emails there, but that's messy.


Lastly, the rule for where the To line contains people does not show my accounts, but I can type them in manually. The rule for where the From line contains people does show my accounts. Does From mean To?

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