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Recuva cannot scan any hard disks > 2 TB!


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It seems that Recuva v1.44 cannot scan hard disks > 2 TB!



Windos 8 Professional 64 Bit

2 drives ST33000651AS 3 TB (USB2 and USB3, MBR and GPT).


Error message:

"Fail to scan the folling drives:

T: Unable to read MFT."


Is there a solution to this problem?

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I don't know as I don't have such a large drive. However in Recuva v1.39.509 there is the comment that 'Fixed bug that caused "Unable to read MFT" error.' You could try some of the earlier releases from filehippo.com, including v1.39 - even though it's old. I've found that Recuva occasionally drops some of it's 'improvements'. For reasons not associated with your problem I don't run v1.44, I run v1.43.

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I tested version 1.39 and 1.43, both showing "Unable to read MFT" - but not in a separate error window as in v1.44, but also at the bottom of the list view.


All versions of Recuva up to v1.44 are unable to scan hard disks > 2 TB!


Note to developers:

Tested hard drives: 3 TB, USB, NTFS, MBR and GPT, 4096 bytes per sector

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